What skills are needed for a management position?

What skills are needed for a management position?
Management and leadership go hand in hand. There are different styles of management and leadership, but the expectation for anyone in management is to maximize talent and make sure things get done. Leadership is probably one of the most important skills to have. Do you tell people what to do? Or do you show them what to do by example? There are many different styles of leadership, but for management, it is important to do more than just tell someone what to do. Leaders empower other employees, set an example, develop a culture of inclusivity, and lead the unit or organization to success. In addition to leadership, there is essential experience and skills required to be in management. Here are 5 skills we believe every manager needs:
Managers lead people. In order to lead people, you have to be able to communicate effectively. If you have all the right experience for a management position but are unable to communicate effectively with staff, you will not be successful. Managers take time to create diversity and inclusion best practices and communicate them to staff. Managers also communicate culture and expectations for performance. 
Conflict Management 
When people are working, there will be conflict. One person may think a problem should be solved one way, another person a different way. Who resolves this conflict? Managers do. Whether you are someone who avoids conflict, or someone that runs to it; the key to management is being able to handle conflict in a constructive way. 
Problem Solving
Managers are met with different scenarios on a regular basis. Managers typically have knowledge of what unit or trade they are involved with and can determine the best routes for success. Every day managers put out fires, and having this skill is essential to be considered for management.
“There is no I in team”. Even the best individual talent cannot do it alone. Managers consider those who they manage as part of the “team”. No team can function with only one individual doing everything. Managers can delegate to others who have skill in specific areas to make the team as a whole successful.
Managers must be organized. They are responsible for keeping work and personnel on track with the goal of the operation. If you are not personally organized, but you delegate to another who is strong in organization then that reflects positive on you are a manager. Either way, whether you personally are organized or you make it a priority amongst staff delegation it is imperative. Being organized allows people to accomplish tasks because they have a clear understanding of expectations, and can clearly find what is expected of them.

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