What does an inclusive workplace look like?

What does an inclusive workplace look like?
An inclusive workplace is a workplace that has worked to build a culture of diversity and inclusion in an effort to hear all perspectives in a workplace for the purpose of increasing performance of an organization by maximizing talent and ideas. 
Wondering what an inclusive workplace looks like? Check out some of the things we have identified amongst inclusive workplaces below!
Employees have a chance to be heard
No one will feel they are a part of something if they are never given a chance to be heard. Giving employees a chance to speak through surveys, or meetings, makes employees feel they can belong. A workplace that encourages feedback is a good sign of an inclusive workplace.

Team environment
Does a workplace have a good team environment? Typically this is a great sign on an inclusive workplace. Employees who take ownership are typically those who feel valued and heard and who want to make the organization successful. If the organizational leadership and culture is built on team building, it is a good sign that all or most workers feel they belong.
Advancement or Education opportunities
A workplace that encourages all workers to take advantage of education resources, and advancement opportunities is a great sign. All workers have the same opportunities to advance which encourages productivity and inclusivity.
Defined culture
Inclusive workplaces have defined a culture. Learn about a company you are interested in either under Diversity and Inclusion on the career site, or by asking an HR rep the policies and culture of the organization. If you are looking for an inclusive workplace, the ones who typically are inclusive are the ones who probably have a defined culture and directive from the top.

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